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Book Reviews from The Institute for Poetic Medicine “Writing poetry is contagious,” writes Rachel Naomi Remen in her introduction to Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making. If we find ourselves alone and longing for words to infect us, there are always books to turn to for inspiration. In addition to providing friendship, books also teach us. We learn new ways to work with the healing power of poetry through the stories of and reflections on loss and healing in a great variety of people and communities. These stories offer us a broader perspective as well as deepen our abilities for listening. In this spirit IPM offers an addition to the poetic medicine bag, this section of book reviews to highlight books for poetry and healing that would otherwise be difficult for a nationwide audience to find or know about. The featured books are a very small sample of the important and valuable work that is out there for professional and personal use.

Reviews and Recommendations by John Fox and Carol Katz and organized by Rachel McKay.

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Ellery Littleton Cover Hummingbird Tattoo: Erotic Haiku

by Ellery Littleton McGee Homewood Publishing, 2010

Cathie Borrie The Long Hello Cover Cathie Borrie Looking into Your Voice Cover

The Long Hello ˜ The Other Side of Alzheimer's

looking into your voice ˜ the poetic and eccentric realities of alzheimer's

by Cathie Borrie Nightwing Press, 2010

Caryolyn Jennings Cover Hunger Speaks: A Memoir Told in Poetry

by Carolyn Jennings Roberts & Ross, 2010

A celebration of sensuality, this book of haiku offers us passion with a light heart. It is a welcome reminder of the delights of connecting through our bodies.

In memoir and poetry, Cathie Borrie writes about caring for her mother who had Alzheimer’s. John Fox recommends these two books that offer new ways to view this disease.

Jennings wrote poetry as she struggled to heal from an eating disorder. Her courage in sharing these poems provides a model for others in their own process of healing.

Bob Jacob Cover Perspectives: Hospice Poems

by Bob Jacob Antrim House, 2008

Pat Flanigan Cover When Sunflowers Speak: An Invitation to Contemplation

by Patrick W. Flanigan, M.D. and David McQueen Pacific Grove Publishing, 2005

Perie Longo Cover With Nothing Behind but Sky: A Journey Through Grief

by Perie Longo Artamo Press, 2006

Very worthwhile for volunteers and staff working in hospice. For anyone who has a loved one in hospice or who died with hospice care, these poems will offer solace and insight.

An exploration of presence, beauty and mystery by a physician/ oncologist complemented by exquisite photography. What often goes missing in medical care is not lost on this doctor.

Perie, a psychologist, poetry therapist, poet...writes here as a wife about the loss to cancer of her husband, Phil. Perie's vivid imagination, humor, grief and deep love make this book a gift.

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