poetry therapy

Poetry Therapy, Mindfulness and Creativity
A Lecture and Conversation
Sponsored by Lapidus
Bristol, United Kingdom
Wednesday, July 9
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Fee: £12 or £10 members/unwaged
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At the Bend in the River: Listening as a Catalyst for Creativity
Stroud, Unitd Kingdom
Hawkwood College
Friday, July 11
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
£50; (or £43 unwaged)
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Poetic Medicine:The Healing Art of Poem-Making
as a Way to Strengthen the Practice of Mindfulness
Sponsored by Lapidus
Bristol, United Kingdom
Saturday, July 12
9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Fee: £50 or £34 members/unwaged
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Poetry Medicine in Lindau, Germany
A writing retreat for creativity, healing and mindfulness
July 30-August 2, 2014

In collaboration with Anne Hoefler
John will offer a retreat at Haus Zeitlos
near Lindau, Germany and the border of Switzerland

Haus Zeitlos (Timeless House)
"A place to stop and find peace."
In John Fox's workshop, a gentle space is created where people access the courage to creatively express themselves. This intentionally healing process has so much to do with nonjudgmental and mindful listening. This kind of listening helps ou to see other people more clearly and compassionately, and even more, see yourself with the same clarity and compassion. John will use the process of poetry as healer and poem-making to illuminate prayer, trust, gratefulness, letting go and love. No prior experience with writing poetry is necessary.

This workshop will be offered in English with German translation for all sessions.

For more information please contact Anne Hoefler, annehoefler@t-online.de or contact Haus Zeitlos: http://www.haus-zeitlos.de/


At the Bend in the River
A Five-Day Workshop at Rivendell Retreat Center
Sponsored by Ray McGinnis and Write to the Heart
Bowen Island, British Columbia
August 6-10, 2014
Fee: $690

This writing workshop will explore listening and the act of poem-making as ways to help us "think like a river" so that a legacy of beauty and life can be made real to ourselves and others.

In this workshop we will gather to slow down "at the bend in the river." This gathering place, when given to listening and creating, is refreshing to our hearts and our minds. Refreshment is the taste of our thirst for meaning. When poetry and poem-making are part of this life-giving process, they make experience more vivid and help us be more aware of what we hear at the river's bend:
     the space,
          the learning & creative process,
               the heart connection

Click here for full flyer and to register.

For more information contact Ray McGinnis at rmcgin@telus.net or call 604-408-4457


What Is Trying to Happen Here?
An Exploration of Responding to Your Life

Portland Oregon
at Peg Edera’s Summerlin House
November 7 - 9, 2014

How Then Shall We Live? will be sponsored by The Institute for Earth Regenerative Studies.
This is the third retreat at this beautiful location, Peg Edera’s Summerlin House. Marna Hauk
will give you more information after June 1! You can contact Marna at (503) 771-0711 or
write marnahauk@gmail.com. Please explore her superb work at www.earthregenerative.org


Poetic Medicine & Health Care
Sponsored by Arts-in-Medicine of Asheville, NC
November 12 - 16
For more information please contact Caty Carlin at catycarlin@earthlink.net.


Who Attends Classes or Workshops Presented by The Institute for Poetic Medicine?

Our workshops will inspire and uplift anyone with a desire to express their deeper truth and creativity.  John's work offers "a healing space," especially to individuals living with life altering illnesses.

People in therapeutic, healing, medical, teaching and pastoral professions will benefit deeply and find practical support as they reconnect to the inner impulse that drew them to their professional calling while discovering inner resources that will sustain them in their daily lives.

We believe poem-making is something that every person can have access to, at virtually any time or place.  John's expertise is in providing a safe environment and the skillful means to claim that right for yourself.  We believe this process is healing when shared in a community of others.  

If you are just beginning to explore writing or have been writing for a long time, this work will encourage and refresh you.

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