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Welcome to A Community of Poets!

The following poets have participated in the work of Poetic Medicine. They continue to write and these are their stories.

This community is a forum for sharing healing stories and poems. We hope you find inspiration and encouragement from what is shared here.

John Bowman, former newspaper editor, is a semi-retired and enjoys working as a freelance editor and writer. He lives with his wife Valerie in Roseville, California, where they started a poetry circle at their church. Charles R. Perakis is a family physician in Maine. His hobby of studying medical humanities compliments his highly scientific medical education. Now he teaches medical students and family medicine residents.
Nancy Story is a poet and community college teacher who lives in Boulder, Colorado. She has been writing poetry since she was a child and has learned that “true healing lasts.” Don Winslow is a retired chemical research engineer. He found poetry recovering from radiation treatment for prostate cancer. He was invited to read his poems on National Public radio.

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