Duties for Raising Funds and Attending to Potential Grants

  • Work in partnership with the Board member for Advocacy and the Communications Director to best share our story and invite financial support.
  • Reach out to individual IPM contacts, especially prior donors, to share our unfolding story and invite renewed donations.
  • Write three fundraising letters per year to advocate for needs of IPM to appear in the Poetic Medicine Journal, IPM Facebook and the IPM web site.
  • Focus on fundraising to a.) sustain and increase funds for Poetry Partner Programs; b.) raise funds to match significant Board member donation to hire and sustain an Executive Director, c.) support operational needs of IPM.
  • Explore potential grants for IPM -- gather information, share with John and help hired grant writer to pursue grant.
  • Report to Board what happens.
  • Makes annual donation to the Institute.


Treasurer Board Member Responsibilities

  • Be knowledgeable and aware about who has access to the organization’s funds; and be aware of any significant outstanding bills or debts owed; keep a watchful eye on any inappropriate or potentially “iffy” expenditures.
  • Review the annual budget as twell as compare actual revenues and expenses incurred against the budget to provide guidance or advice if necessary or requested.
  • Work in consultation (as needed) with CEO & President, IPM’s Bookkeeper and CPA.
  • Provide consultation / recommendation in development of organization’s general financial policies and direction – most especially new hiring of IPM employee or contract people.
  • Keep board informed of key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessments of fiscal health.
  • Attend board meetings and be available other board activities and questions throughout the year.
  • Makes annual donation to the Institute


Duties for Public Advocate to Raise Awareness About Outreach Work of IPM

  • Advance the organization’s mission “to awaken soulfulness in the human voice.”
  • Create a plan that names achievable outreach goals. Work closely with Clare Densmore to create and implement this.
  • Raise awareness, educate and engage the general public and find connections with our work that meet public interest in the potentials of poetic medicine and poetry.
  • Raise awareness, educate and engage helping professions in the potentials of poetic medicine to better, enhance and expand their profession – in medicine, education, pastoral care, palliative & hospice care, environmental work, community activism & politics.
  • Write and speak on behalf of IPM and our story, how we bring poetic medicine to a range of venues, publications, media and other avenues of correspondence.
  • Act as spokesperson for John Fox, the Poetry Partner Program, the initiatives and collaborations of IPM such as with Project Avary & University of California Palliative Care Dept, etc.
  • Report to the Board about this outreach.
  • Attend board meetings and be available other board activities and questions throughout the year.
  • Makes annual donation to the Institute

Board Members Responsibilities

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