John Fox is the most sensitive and effective teacher of poetic medicine I know. He listens to both poem and person deeply, and he is a master at guiding others – both patients and caregivers – to do the same. His kind and gentle teaching, his unique vision and his generosity of spirit have immeasurably enhanced my use of poetry in my nursing work and in my life.

— Cortney Davis, NP Redding, CT

Fees and Scheduling : Courses & Programs

We also offer a range of workshops for a few hours or a full day, for Friday evening and all day Saturday, for an entire weekend that begins Friday evening and goes through Noon on Sunday.

These public workshops are attended by registration at a fee per person rate.  We have people who coordinate these public workshops; coordinators are paid 20% of the net income.  If you are interested in becoming a coordinator, please contact us.

We also offer private workshops for part of a day or weekend at a per person rate.  If anyone is interested in helping to coordinate such a public workshop, please contact John.

Schedule your event

For further details or to schedule an event in your area, please email John at


Three-phase distance learning training certificate program

  • Phase 1 .............................$3,310*
  • Phase 2 ...........................$3,610*
  • Phase 3 ............................$3,100

*includes colloquium for Phase 1

**includes 2 colloquiums for Phase 2


Private Consultations with John Fox

Meet with John via Skype, Web Ex or simply on the phone.

  • $60 per hour, $35 for a half hour.



Co-sponsored programs (workshops & seminars)

  • $1,200 per day or $800 for a half day, plus expenses for public groups.

Payments may be made on-line.

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