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Interview on Volcanic Seeds Radio

Hosted by Erin Sharp,
KNGU, Boulder 88.5 FM

Experience the healing art of Poetry Therapy as expressed by workshop participants and read by John Fox.  A discussion of medical humanities is also included, highlighting the benefits of using poetry within the medical community for healing.  John discusses the magic of language, reciting a passage from Winnie the Pooh and encourages you to find the "juicy" part of yourself with words and poem making.

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Interview on Jefferson Public Radio
Hosted by Liam Moriarty,
Ashland, OR

Join John Fox, C.P.T. as he talks about his book, Poetic Medicine, The Healing Art of Poem Making and the art of Poetry Therapy.  He recites a short poem by Charles Olsen titled These Days and asks how this poem resonates with you, his listeners.  

Please feel free to email your responses and share how this poem resonates with you.

This radio interview was with Liam Moriarty on Jefferson Public Radio, in Ashland Oregon.

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Interview on Poetry Chaikhana
Hosted by Ivan Granger

A thought-provoking and inspiring conversation with John Fox about the power of poetry to open us up to new possibilities in life, tap our own hidden wisdom, and communicate with others. They talk about poem-making as a deeply healing, cleansing, salve for wounds. John and Ivan also explore the way poetry is able to describe indescribable states of consciousness.  Poetry is a way to enhance devotion for God and it can be used as a tool or a medium to invoke and navigate within transpersonal awareness. 

This interview is hosted by Ivan Granger on his website Poetry Chaikhana.  Ivan describes A chaikhana is a teahouse along the legendary Silk Road pilgrimage and trading route linking China to the Middle East and Europe. It is a place of rest along the journey, a place to shake off the dust of the road, to sip tea, and to gather together to sing songs of the Divine.

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We welcome you to read John's article (pg. 19) from the San Francisco Medical Society Journal entitled Beyond the Campfire.  It is part of an issue titled Healing Words, which includes a review of the PBS Documentary Healing Words: Poetry and Medicine, as well as Rachel Naomi Remen's preface to Poetic Medicine.


Heal Your body By Giving Voice To Your Soul:    An Interview With John Fox

Flesh and Stone is a public interest news site delivering independent reporting on health care and science news, trends, and commentary. We look at how medical and scientific discoveries are influenced by politics and the economy. Our goals are simply to inform and educate, and provide a public space for health and science policy discussions that may influence positive policy changes.



The courage to spill words on the page is essential to developing trust in your creative voice. Trust can be nurtured through providing a safe environment and offering genuine curiosity. The tendency to critique ourselves and evaluate others before we even begin holds us back from discovering the voice that is great within us...

by John Fox, CPT
from Fresh Thoughts on Finding A Healing Voice
and Poetic Language within Yourself
from EVOLVE!  A Magazine of Evolutionary Products, People and Ideas


When Jewels Sing

A tape of original poems written and read by John Fox.

John Fox writes with purity and depth of feeling that is rare in this present day. These poems are not safe. They challenge the listener to contact sleeping centers of awareness and courage. They evoke nature's sublime particulars. John's poems temper poignant and sometimes painful truths, with wry humor. They whisper clues to deep mysteries.

John's poetry does not speak of other Realities - it brings them into being. He holds human frailty with compassion allowing the Spirit to guide his language in praise of our possibilities as a species. I know that your sensitivity and beautiful poetry help me to connect with the very same in myself, a part that usually remains hidden, silent and well protected. Your courage to open and share such a personal a vulnerable part of the soul is a gift and an inspiration. –Abbie Withrow Glenn Ellen, California

Reclaiming language, John liberates the spoken and written words, enabling them to breathe...suddenly our days are lifted to soar with them. –Mary TallMountain, Poet, winner of Pushcart Prize for Poetry featured on Bill Moyers' series "The Language of Life"

To order, send $15.00 to:

When Jewels Sing Tape Request, P.O. Box 60189 , Palo Alto, CA 94306.  Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.


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