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Testimonials for John Fox's Workshops

We invite all of our workshop participants to share testimonials about their affected state of being as a result of our classes, workshops and retreats.  Below is a small sample of some of the comments John has received:

"John Fox is the quintessential group facilitator. Having over 10 years' experience of leading groups in the difficult task of lifestyle behavior change, I left Fox's workshop on the healing art of poem-making with profound patient-empowering skills: poetry ‘a la Fox' creates an intimacy within the self capable of healing sorrows, shaping dreams, rendering joys and aspirations. With Fox's skillful guidance, poem-making takes our impediments to growth and turns them into catalysts." 

—Peg Baim, RN, NP, Clinical Director, Center for Training, Mind/Body Medical Institute, Harvard University Medical School Cambridge, Massachusetts

"I had the opportunity to experience workshops with John Fox, as well as to read his bountiful and healing words in his two masterful books, Finding What You Didn't Lose and Poetic Medicine. He was recently a featured guest of the University of Florida Spirituality and Health group, where he not only captured the attention of a large audience at this public lecture, but also lent us his guidance and wisdom in two small‐group workshops."

John Graham Pole, M.D. M.R.C.P., Professor of Pediatrics, Medical Director, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

"It's Fox's ability to express with breathtaking clarity, his inner voice that draws workshop participants to him."

—Washington Post

"John Fox does with words what the mystics do with prayer. He draws people in to participate naturally and from their own being."

—The Reverend Channing R. Smith, Rector Transfiguration Episcopal Church Belmont, California

"Thank you for a magnificent experience. You provided listening, space, silence and words in this numinous place, Tse Gi (Canyon de Chelly.) Your Diné friends, Jon and Lupita McClanahan shared their culture and themselves. Their "Beautyway" entered into all of our hearts. You and they helped build strong group feelings that were a vital aspect. Tenting, cooking, hiking, writing and listening together enlarged each of us. A 'must' experience! "

Ken Gorelick, M.D., Washington, D.C.

"What really touched me was the precise and gentle way you entered the life and world of people, how they felt cared for, and so began healing within that trust immediately.

You were unshackled from judgment and any maudlin or cliché stuff just passed

on through you without being flagged down; nobody got any tickets, the road was open to drive on without approval needed for syncro-mesh."

—Thomas Pathe, Boulder, Colorado

"Thank you for Saturday's workshop at Moffitt Cancer Center. It was a difficult day for me which reminded me how hard it is to just listen to others and to self without contending. Many brave and beautiful poems came to life yesterday, for which I'm grateful—also that wonderful packet of poems we read together and can go on rereading."

—Libba Winston, St. Petersburg, Florida

"John's candor and warmth made the participants unafraid to voice their thoughts and feelings. His humor enveloped the audience. There was no artifice of any kind. People were glad to have spent their time this way."

—Marilyn Meadows, Church of the Savior, Cleveland, Ohio

"I appreciate how you were both a facilitator as well as a group-member. You know your own space, and honor others to find their own, and that's beautiful — it helps those of us who are insecure to be freed to write without judgmental criteria. I hope, God-willing, that our paths may meet again!"

—Will Fetterman, Allentown, Pennsylvania

"Some people cross our paths unnoticed; you crossed mine and moved my soul. I will not forget you."

—Pat Slentz, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Photo by David R. Lazarony, Jr.         

"My thanks to John Fox for what I found to be the best poetry writing workshop (therapeutic) I have ever attended. I was deeply impressed by his 'holding' capacity and the intensity of what was revealed by one and all in such a short space of time. And it brought up lots of potential fruit for me, so creative and moving. As a result I am inspired to investigate the distance-learning possibilities for the training his organization runs."

—Harriet Thistlewaite, London, England


We'd love to hear from you too!  If you would like to contribute feedback on your personal workshop experience, please feel free to submit your feedback, along with your name to:  programmanager@poeticmedicine.org.

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