The Well-Versed Parent


by Jane E. Hunter




Comments by John Fox

In the mid 2000s I met a pediatric physician, Jane Hunter. I was invited to present at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. Jane attended. She had been through a battle with breast cancer and the workshop met a real need for the next step in her healing journey. For quite a while Jane also attended my ongoing bi-monthly poetry circle in Berkeley. While she left the poetry circle after awhile, something struck a further chord. She didn't leave a desire to bring forth something profound with poetry and healing.

I've known about this book project for many years and last week, HOORAY! Jane sent me five copies of The Well-Versed Parent: Poetic Prescriptions for Parenthood. I am very happy for her seeing this through.

I wrote this testimonial for The Well-Versed Parent:

"Throughout this slim book, Dr. Jane Hunter's sensitive and common sense pediatric expertise about newborns/children/teenagers and their parents shines through. Her commentary connects this understanding with the way poems capture the intense experience of growing up. Written by parents, these poems are selected with great care. They distill realities of daily life, realities that include your first-born breathing against your body and then, taking that child to college.

The Well-Versed Parent will help a parent notice their child in a new way when it comes to their health, and in particular to treasure moments that matter, moments that happen within the span of 20 years at most, years that are, after all, so quickly gone. Dr. Hunter has created an inspiring, unique and useful book that speaks to the whole child, the whole parent."

This is humbling for me to include here but it also makes me happy to share that Jane, when sending her book, wrote to me: "This book would not exist but for your inspiration."

It is exciting to see this kind of literature flourishing. If I wanted IPM to make a difference in medicine, this is a sure sign of it. If you know of pediatricians or parents, new mothers or parents further on, anyone who might find this book heartening and useful, please let them know!

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