Poetic Medicine

A Way to Nourish & Connect

"Of all the dangers we face, from climate chaos to nuclear war,
none is so great as the deadening of our response."

~ Joanna Macy
PH.D Author & Teacher, Scholar of Buddhism, Systems Thinking, and Deep Ecology


Poetic Medicine expands awareness and connection, 
that which evokes feeling and is enlivening. 


At this challenging time on Earth, when our social, democratic, and ecological systems are in such peril, we are reaching out and asking that you join us in bringing forward the healing power of poetry. Let's encourage conscious engagement with the current world issues that urgently require our response.  

In each place we go, we see the life-affirming act of writing, reading, and speaking poetry transform lives and shape a new kind of community. This community is based on nurturing, deep listening, intuitive perception, and caring - the kind of authentic connection we need most. There is a spirit of discovery, a sense of adventure in this "poetic medicine" experience; this is informed by a willingness to bear witness and offer mutual support. There is an appreciation of differences and increased awareness of common ground and connection.  

You may have experienced this and those connections may very well include you!

Your engagement, actively practical, spiritual and financial, can and will uplift people's relationship to themselves, to each other,
to the living earth, and to the process of discovery in this Great Mystery.

Listed below are specific ways for you to get involved in this mission of the Institute for Poetic Medicine.
Please consider how you can support this work. Let there be no limit to what is possible. 

Please consider supporting IPM and our Poetry Partners by contributing funds, in-kind donations, or resources (i.e. one-time or monthly donations, endowments, matching funds, airline mileage, etc.). Please reach out to us to discuss the details and possibilities.

If you're interested in donating your time and skills (i.e.grant-writing, administrative, organizational) please tell us more by filling out our volunteer form.

We fund Poetry Partner Programs, including PATFW, that bring poetic medicine to people often considered at the margins. If you have a vision for a poetry program addressing the underserved in your community, consider learning more and apply for a Poetry Partner Grant or help us raise funds and awareness to support these vital programs.

John Fox travels the United States and internationally to support people interested in spreading and practicing the benefits of feeding our minds with the wonder of poetry. This work can bring healing to people and bring clarity to leaders in all types of help organizations. If you are affiliated with a professional organization such as the National Association of Social Workers, Pastoral Counselors, etc. We can work with you to bring John's work to them or prepare you to become an Ambassador to represent IPM, creating opportunities for fund-raising, workshops, presentations to organizations you are affiliated with. Please reach out to us to discuss the details and possibilities.

We are looking for passionate and committed people to join The Institute's Board of Directors and Committees.

We are open to hearing about the ways that you can uniquely contribute and participate as part of our core leadership team. Please tell us about your interests, skills, and experience by submitting an application.

Questions? Please reach out.

We would love for you to connect with our community on Facebook where we share inspiration, stories, poems, and all things poetry-as-healer.


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