Poetry Partners

Transformative Programs

We know that poetry-as-healer:
encourages integration
empowers wholeness
acts as a catalyst for genuine hope
creates a community that nurtures lasting growth
welcomes self-expression

IPM’s Poetry Partner Programs express the heart of our work and extends our reach into some of the most marginalized communities across the country and around the world.

Through funding our incredible Poetry Partners, we apply and magnify poetic medicine in creative ways throughout the country. We have served men in prison, immigrant and refugee youth, elders, persons overcoming addiction, women who have suffered domestic violence and sexual assault, persons living with mental health challenges, persons who are unhoused, college students who live with chronic depression, people living with traumatic brain injury, persons living with Parkinson’s Disease, children with a parent or parents in prison, children and teens with physical and developmental challenges, young people in juvenile hall, and young women in Afghanistan.

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Metaphor Medicine

Facilitated by Wayne A. Gilbert
Denver, CO

A Creativity Lab on-line in collaboration with the Unsteady Hand exploring the power of words for living better with Parkinson’s.

Stories of Arrival

Stories of Arrival

Facilitated by Merna Ann Hecht
Tukwila, WA

Helping refugee and immigrant youth find their voices and tell their stories of trauma, resilience, displacement, and loss through poem-making.

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Embracing Uncertainty

Facilitated by Tonia Lyon & Ashleigh Glass
Charlotte, NC

A workshop series for families whose child has cancer, a life-altering, rare or terminal illness, helping them to focus on Believing and Healing.

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Facilitated by Magdalena Montagne
Los Gatos, CA

A poetry curriculum for seniors and those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other cognitive and physical impairments.

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SOLA Poetry Club

Facilitated by James Elsaesser

Healing poetry circles offered regularly via Skype with young women at The School of Leadership Afghanistan (SOLA).


Poetry as a Tool for Wellness

Facilitated by Cathey Capers

A manual along with training webinars that prepares facilitators for using poetry to enhance the information, strengths, and skills needed to foster wellness.

Previously Funded Programs


Unlocked Poetry

Facilitated by Wayne Gilbert
Sterling, CO

Monthly poetry circles helping inmates at Sterling Correctional Facility to discover inner resources for personal transformation through reading and writing poetry.


Rise Up!

Facilitated by James Elsaesser & Gwen Federico
Newton, NJ

An ongoing series of monthly poetry circles where survivors of domestic and sexual violence gather to read, write, and share healing poetry.


Finding Our Voices

Facilitated by Judith Prest
Schenectady, NY

Poetry groups at New Choices Recovery Center serving adults who are in recovery from addiction.


In the Shelter of Poetry

Facilitated by Cyra Dumitru
San Antonio, TX

Poetic Medicine Circles for students at 
St. Mary’s University.


Rediscovery Project

Facilitated by Krista Wissing-Harrison
Larkspur, CA

A Poetic Journey for people living with Acquired Brain Injury in collaboration with the Larkspur Bay Area Brain Injury Network.


Finding Voice

Facilitated by Annie Holden
Cleveland, OH

Weekly poetry workshops at the Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside, the largest shelter in the state of Ohio.

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