Year of Poetic Medicine

Poetry of Nature

Are you deeply concerned about the natural world? Are you grieving the loss of the natural world as you know it? We can hold a safe space for these changes and for the healing voice of poetry.
In these uncertain times, it is critical to connect with our healing and well-being-to our wildness. We can do this by connecting with nature and the Earth. This is the most important time in our existence to be doing this healing work.
Our Year of Poetic Medicine program is an opportunity to be supported in your exploration and practice of poetry and creative writing. It is a way to bring forth your generative voice, to access the deep source of inner wisdom and love that is your truth, and to do this in the company of other like-hearted people. Healing is always the underlying current; poetry offers a way to know ourselves and the world.
This year we have been exploring The Poetry of Nature guided by NanLeah, an IPM Poetic Medicine Training Program student in her practicum phase. Through this program, we practice openness, receptivity, curiosity and deep listening. We journey through the rhythms of the seasons, the moon, the sun. We explore earth, air, fire, and water. We honor our connections to the animals, plants, and trees that share Earth with us. 
On this journey, NanLeah keeps in touch with you through monthly letters, a monthly online Poetic Medicine circle (via Zoom), and our private, online Poetic Medicine community forum (via Facebook). In the monthly letter, she offers poetry and quotes celebrating nature, along with her nature photography, and creative writing prompts and exercises. Once each month, we gather and check-in with each other. We share our poetry, our healing, and receive loving support along the way. The sharing of poetry, mirroring and connecting with each other continues to take place within the Poetic Medicine Community Facebook Group.
We invite you to participate in our healing Poetic Medicine community! 


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$15 Monthly / $165 Annually

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